Welcome to Tecopor BV

Tecopor BV is a producer and supplier of housing equipment for the pig industry. Tecopor BV offers a wide range of products under the label "Tecoline" to farmers all over the world. Durability and safety are two keywords at the production of our "Tecoline" products.

Besides our extensive standard program, we are able to produce tailor made solutions because of our flexible production process and customer approach.



Our mission:

To be a passionate partner that supplies and installs top quality equipment combined with first class advise which supports our customers a cost effective production of high quality piglets or pigs.

Satisfied customers are the base of a profitable growth

If you have any questions concerning our delivery program or services we invite you to contact our office or one of our representatives.

Theo Everink
+31 653 366 566



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Our product program
Farrowing crates
Insemination stalls
Early and late gestation stalls
Flooring systems
Piglet flooring
Pen fences
Feeding station
Piglet feeders
Sow feeding

Feeders for finishing pigs
Feeders for suckling piglets
Nipple drinkers/brackets

Drinking bowls
Feeding systems
Climate control

Ventilation systems
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